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Welcome to Bourne - "Tween Fen and Uplands"

 About this town and the area covered

Courtesy Bourne Town Council

  The origins of Bourne     When Bourn became Bourne

  The Roman occupation     The Danish influence

The Domesday Book - Bourne in 1086

Domesday Bourne and beyond

  The Black Death and its effects     The Great Fire of 1605

John Byng visits Lincolnshire in 1791     Bourne in 1790

   Bourne in 1809     Bourne in 1814     Bourne in 1826    

   Bourne in 1835     Bourne in 1850     Bourne in 1856    

   Bourne in 1861     Bourne in 1871     Bourne in 1900    

   Bourne in 1908     Bourne in 1909     Bourne in 1926    

Bourne in 1950     Bourne in the Fifties     Bourne in 1960

Bourne in 1965     Bourne in 1977     Bourne in 2014

A review of events in Bourne during 2013      A review of events in Bourne during 2014

 The source of Bourne's water     The Bourne Eau     A neglected river

River water levels     Maintaining the Bourne Eau     The Bourne Eau in past times
A river for all seasons     The River Glen     The River Welland     The Car Dyke

     St Peter's Pool     St Peter's Pool for all seasons     St Peter's Pool in past times  

Bourne Castle     The owners of Bourne Castle     The 1861 excavations

John Moore - 1809     William Marrat - 1814     Edward Trollope - 1861
  Bourne Castle - fact or fiction?       Bourne Castle - the official view

Bourne Castle - an enthusiast's appraisal     Bourne Castle - April 1st discovery

The validity of old documents

Grimsthorpe Castle     A history of Grimsthorpe Castle

Greatford Hall     Hanthorpe House     Shillingthorpe Hall     Castle Bytham

 Bourne Wood     A map of Bourne Wood      Bourne Wood - an historical perspective

The Ancient Woodland Project       The Woodland Sculpture Trail

Housing threat to Bourne Wood in 2008     A leisure park would be the answer

Bourne Wood loses its visitor amenities

Deer in Bourne Wood     Bird and bat boxes     Photographing the white admiral

A walk in Bourne Wood     A wood for all seasons     Winter in Bourne Wood

The community orchard     Bourne Wood in past times     Nutting in Bourne Wood

The Bourne Chronicle - significant dates and events in our history

Bourne Conservation Area     Other listed buildings     The future of our listed buildings

Preserving our historic buildings     Historic buildings under threat

Archaeology     Salt making at Willow Tree Fen     Bourne through the artist's eyes

A street map of modern Bourne     A walk around Bourne     Bourne from the air



The Manors of Bourne and Bourne Abbots     The Town Crier

  The Town Hall

  The subscribers

  The Town Hall in past times    

  TheTown Hall fire of 1933

  The Town Hall clock

  Local government

  Vestry meetings

  The Town Council

  The register office

  Bourne United Charities

  The Len Pick Trust

  Population & Countries of origin 

The Town Hall in 2008

First Citizens since 1894     A history of the mayoralty    Coat of Arms     Civic Sunday

The annual civic dinner and ball     The Christmas lights and late night shopping

Town centre     The market     Market cross     When the stalls were on the streets

Why the market should go back on the streets     Weekly market under threat

The Market Place in past times     Collecting the market tolls     A dispute over tolls

The Market Place - then and now     A Continental market

The town cemetery     The cemetery chapel     The town council's dilemma

The chapel architect     The Grade II listing decision     Headstone survey

     A cemetery for all seasons     Ancient brickwork demolished     Hunting down Mr Mole

Unmarked graves     The cemetery chapel - a summary of events

       Roads & traffic     Speed humps     Grass verges     Potholes

The south-west relief road     Street names     Street furniture     Information boards

Bench marks      Housing     Chimneys     Street clutter     Tree planting

Bourne Community Access Point     Bourne in bloom     Town and tourist signs

When Bourne was clean and smart     The Lincolnshire flag    

A Vision for Bourne - The Town Centre Management Partnership

The town centre revelopment scheme     The end of the redevelopment scheme

Bourne needs improved transport links


Some old buildings of interest


  The Old Bakehouse

  Bourne Eau House

  Bourne House

  Brook Lodge

  Cavalry House

  Corn Exchange

  The Croft

  Dawkins House

  Eastgate House

  The Old Maltings

  Monkstone House

  Vestry Hall 

The Red Hall from the south-west

Red Hall     Owners of the Red Hall     Red Hall in past times     Petition of 1891

 Disposing of the Red Hall     Re-opening in 1972     Tudor exhibition of 1976

Heritage exhibition of 1981     The R A Gardner art exhibition of 1996     

The myth of the Gunpowder Plot     Filming Moll Flanders
Special airmail delivery to the Red Hall     Red Hall photo gallery

Bourne Institute     The Ostler memorial     The Shippon barn

The Victoria Hall     Wellhead Cottage

Angel Hotel       Burghley Arms     Old New Inn     Crown Hotel     Light Dragoon

Marquess of Granby     Nag's Head     Six Bells     Jubilee Garage

Smith's of Bourne     Mason's Arms     Wishing Well

Inns & other hostelries     Public house signs     The brewing industry

 Baldock's Mill     Mill owners in past times     Baldock's Mill in past times

The mill before restoration     The mill wheels restoration project

Green electricity     A mill for all seasons

     Eastgate Mill     Notley's Mill     Cliffe's Mill     Wherry's Mill     Dyke Mill

Woolley's Mill     Burghley Street warehouse     Wherry's warehouse    

Corn trade warehouses     Date stones on old buildings


The land and its history

The corn harvest underway near Carlby

   The growth of agriculture

   Farming in past times

   The corn harvest

   Borage     Flax

   Oil seed     Maize

 The pea harvest


 Root crops

 Sunflowers and nyger

 Gypsies as farm workers


The cattle market     The cattle market in past times     The pinfold

Bourne Agricultural Society     Sheep shearing

The Christmas Fatstock Show     Johnson Brothers (Bourne) Limited

Norths of Bourne, forage merchants     E N Moody & Sons Ltd - watercress and flowers

The fens     The Adventurers     Guthram Gowt     Steamer trips from Bourne

Heathcote's tunnel     Draining of the North Fen     Draining of the South Fen

      Fen flooding in past times     Flooding in 1897     The Great Fen Flood of 1910

Flooding around the town in Bourne

Farm fires     The fen blow     Wind turbines     Solar farms

 Bog oaks     Scarecrows     Bird scarers     Hare coursing     Duck decoys

Nature conservation     Rainbows over the fen

Birds and wildlife in past times     Birds of Bourne today     Owl towers     Magpies


Religion and beliefs

The Abbey Church

  The Believers

  The Baptist Church

  The Cooneyites

  Eastgate Mission Church

  Jehovah's Witnesses

  The Methodist Church

  The Roman Catholics 

  The Salvation Army

  Sunday Schools

  United Reformed Church

  The Quakers

The Abbey Church     The Abbey House     Bourne Abbey

Dissolution of the monasteries - the end of the Abbey     Past incumbents

Abbey Church in past times     Abbey Church in 1809     Abbey Church in 1819  

Building the Abbey Church     Restoration in the 19th century

The 800th anniversary celebrations     Archaeological dig of 1985

The vicarage     The Trevor Brodrick photographs

    The churchyard     The number of burials     Epitaphs     The brass serpent tombstone

Slate headstones     Ledgerstones     The churchyard dispute of 1846

The organ and bells of Bourne Abbey church     The church clock     Church kneelers

An architectural description of the church by H F Traylen

 A History of Bourne Abbey by David Roffe     St Simon & St Jude

The parish registers     Vicar's jottings found in the parish registers

The pulpit     The chandelier     The lectern      Benches and pews    

His lordship's secret wine cellar     The vicar and his curate lend a hand

The view from the church tower     The west front in 1809     The use of incense         

The verger     The 2007 Restoration Appeal     Restoration work gets underway

Repairing the church     The cost of running the church     Rogation Sunday

Flooding in 2016     A walk round guide     A pictorial guide     A church for all seasons

Tales from the Abbey Church     The vicar sues his churchwarden for libel


Public and community services

The police     The special constabulary     The fire brigade     Ambulance

Neighbourhood Watch     Lincolnshire Doorstep Crime Initiative

Fire tender purchased in 2001



  Car parking

  The bus station

  Delaine Buses

  The Leisure Centre


  Telephone kiosks

  Public library

The Post Office     Memories of the mail cart     How the postal service began

Post boxes may soon disappear

Water supplies      The Tangye water pumps     The sewerage system

Water boreholes in and around Bourne     A case of contaminated water

The mineral water industry     Lee & Green - the American connection

     The spas around Bourne     The water cart     The blind well     Public lavatories

Rubbish    The introduction of wheelie bins     Waste recycling banks     Green bins

     Vandalism, litter & graffiti     Disposing of bulky rubbish     Rubbish in the countryside

The railways    The east coast main line     Railway gatehouses       The booking office

      Death on the line     The Little Bytham crash of 1896     The railway navvies

South Street level crossing     Toft Tunnel     Lord Willoughby's private railway

The one million mile railwayman     Counter Drain station

Carlby bridge     Ernest Smallman, newsagent at Bourne station

      Demolition of the installations     Demolition of the water tower

End of the railway age     Memories of the steam age in Bourne

A horse drawn taxi service to the station     The Mallard steam record of 1938


Health and welfare

Bourne Hospital     The closure decision     The end of Bourne Hospital

Communion set salvaged     Hospital memories     New homes for an old hospital

The Butterfield Hospital     Memories of the Butterfield     Butterfield Rag Days

St Peter's Hospital     The old Isolation Hospital     The workhouse     Workhouse tales

 Bourne Medical Club

 A Life in Practice

 Opium use in the 19th century

 Sanitation in 1890

 Sanitation in 1907

 The smallpox outbreak of 1893

 The anti-vaccinators

 The Red Cross

 Social Education Centre

 Soup kitchens of past times

 St John Ambulance Brigade 

Bourne Hospital - demolished in 2003

Bourne House children's hostel     Memories of children in care     Auntie to 200 children

A child in care     The love I found     The best years of my life     The railway children

Darby & Joan Hall     The voluntary laundry     The Austerby scheme

    Browning Court     The Cedars     The Croft     Digby Court

     Meadow Close     Stanton Close     Worth Court     Other care homes

Who is the mystery matron?    A medical casebook      This mortal coil

  Health care today     Galletly Medical Practice     Hereward Medical Practice

The Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance Service

The Bourne Green Gardeners     The Bourne Food Bank



Sport,  leisure and social activities

  Bourne Angling Association

  Bourne Cricket Club

  Bourne Cycle Club

  Bourne Golf Club

  Bourne Rugby Union FC

  Bourne Town Bowls Club

  Bourne Town Football Club

  Bourne Hockey Club

  Bourne Motor Club

  Bourne Motor Racing Club

  Bourne Abbots Petanque Club
  Bourne Tennis Club 

Wake House

Twinning with Doudeville     Signing the twinning oath     A previous twinning attempt

Civic Society     Heritage Centre     The Heritage Centre should get tax relief

Bourne Arts and Community Trust     Bourne Preservation Trust     Charity shops

 Wellhead Gardens     Wildlife in the Wellhead Gardens     The wildlife habitat

Trimming the willows     Trimming the chestnuts     Music in the park

A bandstand for the Wellhead Gardens     St Peter's Pool     The black swans

Winter in the Wellhead Gardens     Flooding in the Wellhead Gardens

The Wellhead play area     The Wellhead Gardens for all seasons

Wake House     Bourne Youth Centre     Demolition of the old youth centre

Hereward Lodge of Freemasons    Bourne Choral Society     The Conservative Club

Rotary Club of Bourne     Bourne Round Table         Boy Scouts & Girl Guides 

       The boys of Bourne protest of 1890 wins them a recreation ground

The Outdoor Swimming Pool     The pool in past times     How the pool came to be built

The recreation ground     The Abbey Lawn     Security at the Abbey Lawn

The Bourne Borderers     Skateboarding     The Leisure Centre 

Bourne Tory Ladies Tea Club      Hereward Probus Club       The Pyramid Club

The RAOB Club     The October Fair     The theatre

The age of the beauty contest - Miss Bourne 1949      Bourne Literary Society

Bourne United Provident Association     Sporting, social and professional organisations

Sporting activities from past times     Prize fighting - Guttridge of Bourne

The Olympic torch passes through Bourne in 2012




Scenes of Bourne in past times

The Market Place in 1905

  Abbey Road

  The Austerby

  Bedehouse Bank


   North Road

   North Street

   The Red Hall

   South Road 

  South Street

  West Road

  West Street 

  Willoughby Road

The town centre in 1875     No 30 North Street in 1885     West Street in 1895
Recruiting parade in 1897     The Red Hall in 1900     The town fire brigade in 1900
              North Street in 1900 (1)     North Street in 1900 (2)     Market Day in 1900
          Motor car rally in 1905     The Market Place in 1905     Baldock's Mill in 1905    
 Bourne Cycle Club in 1905     North Street in 1905     St Peter's Pool in 1905    
      West Street in 1905     Abbey Road in 1910     South Street in 1910    

   Cuckoo Bush Cottage in 1910     Sunday School parade of 1912
Cottesmore Hunt meet in 1914     The blizzard of 1916
   Bourne Eau in 1920     Hardware shop in 1920     Eastgate in 1920
North Street in 1920     Bourne station bookstall 1920     Flax workers in 1920
Lady Godiva's ride of 1929     Mays fertiliser depot 1930      North Street in 1935
Royal visit in 1939     Christmas in 1994     St George's Day in 2001

      No 10 North Street     No 30 North Street     No 32 North Street     No 36 North Street

The Jubilee Garage     No 64 North Street     No 13 West Street

  Abbey Lawn     No 1 Abbey Road      The Ostler memorial     Lost cottages

     South Street - then and now     West Street - then and now    

West Road - then and now     An Edwardian garden party

The Hollies - a glimpse of life No 27 North Road 100 years ago

Bourne in the mid-20th century     Peeps into the Past



The BRM and its connection with this town

BRM launch in 1949

Raymond Mays     A pictorial scrapbook

Man about town     Incident in Germany

Cartoon by Sallon     Cartoon by Giles

Car v plane     Desert Island Discs

  Raymond Mays the author

Prince Bira     Jackie Stewart at Monza

Francis Giveen     An encounter with Fangio

Early days at the wheel     Fen road trials     Building the new BRM workshops    

The 1949 BRM test run     Sale of an ERA car     Raymond meets Malcolm Campbell

     Personnel who worked for BRM     BRM historic recording - 1955

Trissie Carlton     Tony Rudd     Dick Salmon     Louis Stanley

Why we should remember Raymond Mays

Winning the world championship     The 1963 civic reception

BRM Celebration Day 2012     The BRM Association     The BRM Trail

The Raymond Mays Memorial Room     The BRM silver trophies

The Bourne motor racing memorial     The Raymond Mays garage

Thomas Mays     George Mays     T W Mays and Sons Ltd     The old glue factory



Artist's impression of Hereward the Wake

Prominent people past and present


"History is the essence of innumerable biographies"

- Thomas Carlyle, Scottish historian and essayist (1795-1881).

William Wherry

The early days

Hereward the Wake     The Wake family      Geoffrey of Bourne     Oger the Breton

 Robert Manning     Orm the Preacher     William Cecil     Dr William Dodd    

Robert Harrington     Job Hartop     Sir Edward Harwood     Jeremiah Ives    

John Jackson     Dr Francis Willis     The Trollope family     Catherine Digby    

Thomas Rawnsley     Joseph Dodsworth     Thomas Linley   The Digby family

The Dove family     The Heathcote family     The Mawby family

The Pochin family     The Shilcock family     The Waterton family

The late 19th, 20th and early 21st centuries

Ron Alexander     Earl of Ancaster      John Arnold     Geoffrey Atkins

T W Atkinson     William Bampton     Harry Barker     Harry Barnatt

The Barsby family    Terry Bates     Thomas Baxter     Cecil Walker Bell     George Bett

     George Bettinson     Clarence Binns     Howard Bostock     Henry Bott

  Cuthbert Bradley     Grace Bristow     Bryan Browning     Edward Browning

Jack Burchnell     James Watson Burdwood     Henry Burtt     James Carvath

William Castledine     Reg Chapman     Edward Clark     Marjorie Clark

     Cyril Clay     Ray and Shirley Cliffe     Sir Henry Clifford    E D Cooke     Kate Cooke

     Charles Everard     Kath Cox     Albert Dainty     Joseph Davies     Leslie Day

Louis Decamp     Miss Urith Dent     Mrs Pat Edmunds    Joseph Ellicock     John Evans

Don Fisher     Ernest & George Foley     Mrs Caroline Galletly     Dr John Galletly

Robert Gardner     William Garner     Richard Gibson     Dr John Gilpin

Thomas Glendening     James Goodyear     Canon John Grinter     John Grummitt

     William Hemsell     Sir Maurice Heath      Frederick Hinson

Thomas Hinson     Cecil Hodgkinson     Dr George Holloway     Trevor Holmes

Rev Samuel Hopkinson     Edwin Horn     Rev Charles Horne     William Johnson

Tom Jones     Edgar Judge     Henry Kelham     George Knipe     Kenneth Lewis

Tom Lyall     Frederic Manning     Charles Pask Matthews

     Viscount Midleton     Robert Mason Mills     Jack Moody     Birt Morris
John Morris     Frederick Nash     William North     John Lely Ostler     Mary Parker

     William Parker     George Parkinson     Richard Pattison     John Peacock

John Thomas Pearce     Thomas Pearce     Jeremy Perkins     Arnold Pick     Ida Pick

Thomas Leonard Pick     Thomas Pilkington     Richard Reeve     Jane Redmile

Douglas Reeson     Thomas Rickard     Harry Ringrose    

    George Robinson      Arthur Saul     James Sayer     Dick Sellars    

     Harry & Annie Shillaker     Hugh Delaine-Smith     Henry A Sneath

  John Smith     Frederick Sones     Horace Stanton

     Alfred Stubley     Ashby Swift     John T Swift     Charles Tennyson

Florence Tipler     William Walpole     Jack Wand MBE     Lorenzo Warner

    Albert E K Wherry     William Wherry     Percy Wilson     Sir George White

Harold Withers     Norma Woolley     John Worsdall     John Wright     Lilian Wyles

The Redshaw family

William Redshaw     Mary Ann Buckberry     Portraits from the past

    No 49 The Terrace - then and now     A North Street memory     Bourne revisted

See also      Richard Bertolle      Benjamin Wyles

The immigrants

Seeking a fresh start in a new world
Shirley Chaplin     Maria Christian     John Close     Thomas Deacon

Joseph Tye Flatters     John Layton     Charles Mapperson     John Rate

Present day

Dorothy Alexander     J D Birkbeck     Nick Boles M P     Robert Brown

Greg Cejer     Karen Corr     Lord (Quentin) Davies     Jade Etherington

Brian Fines     Robert Fuller     Geoff Greatwood     Betty James

Nelly Jacobs     Alan Jones     Jim Jones     Brenda Jones      William Kelby

John Kirkman     Peter Lister     Michael McGregor     Hugh Middleton

     Petronella Moisey     Linda Neal     Rex Needle     Lesley Patrick     Helen Powell

         Richard Salmon     Dr Bob Sheppard     Jonathan Smith     Judy Smith

   Hedley Stroud     Tony Stubbs     David Tabor     Lady Jane Willoughby     Sue Woolley

More brief biographies     Honours and awards     Blue plaques



Bourne at war

The war memorial

  Armed Forces Day

  The Army Cadet Force

  The Belgian refugees

  Bourne Military Hospital

  Bourne rifle range

  WW1 - those who served

  The Drill Hall

  Royal British Legion

  Street Parties 1945

  Victory Parade 1995

  The War Memorial
  Roll of Honour

The names of those listed from WW1     The names of those missing from WW1

Bourne medal winners in WW1     Victims of recent conflicts     Military crests added

Bourne soldiers who died at the Battle of the Somme     Remembering the Somme

Charles Sharpe     Frank & Harold Baldock     Victor Barsby     Victor Bosley

Ernest & Albert Codling     George Rix     Frank & Percy Larkinson

           Michelson - father and son     Cyril Leary     George Sherwin

     John Swift     Charles Stuffins     George Todd     William Toulson

     William Whiles     Thomas Whiles     The Stooke brothers     The Brackenbury boys

A soldier's tale - Richard Downes     Four Sunday School boys     Thurlby's war dead

Letters from the trenches     A wartime friendship     Unknown soldiers

               The horrors of WW1 - a soldier's tale     The Great War peace celebrations

The World War One exhibition of 2014     Historic England chooses Bourne

English Civil War of 1642-49     Napoleonic Wars of 1803-15     Death of an old soldier

The Bourne Volunteers     The Lincolnshire Regiment

Lincolnshire Militia Lists for Bourne - 1824     The Crimean War of 1854-56

     They also served     Letters home from the Boer War of 1899-1902

Bourne honours a general from the Boer War

The Eastgate plane crash     The man who dug up a 1,100 lb. bomb

The Girls' Training Corps     The Women's Land Army     HMS Beryl & Polyanthus    

The WRVS     The Home Guard     Royal Observer Corps     The Civil Defence

The Arnhem connection     German prisoners of war     An airman's tale

    A soldier's prayer book     Pillboxes     Invasion plans

     The D-Day landing - one man's experience

National Savings     Waste paper recycling during World War Two

 The Hull evacuees     Dennis Staff     Raymond Reed     Brenda Baker


Bourne in years gone by

Market Place hardware shop

Dr Gilpin and nurse in motor car

  Bourne Cow Club

  Bourne gasworks

  Bourne Town Band

  Brick making

  Cast iron grave markers

  Christmas past in Bourne
  Cock fighting

  Domestic life in past times

  Early days on the road

  Turnpike roads

  The hunting field

  Horses -  racing and theft

  Feasts, treats and picnics
  Fenland ice skating

  Haunted Bourne
  The legend of Nanny Rutt

  The Klondyke horse sanctuary

  The May Statute fairs


  Bill posting

  A history of the Tudor Cinema

  Penny readings

  The potteries from Roman times

  Temperance and the evils of drink

  Tin tabernacles

  Unemployment in the 1920s
  The Ugandan Asians

  White Bread Meadow

 Trades & occupations     Trade notices     Early closing in Bourne

Bourne basket works     Clock & watch making     William Daniell, piano man
Fashion in Victorian Bourne     Bourne's first department store     Harrison & Dunn

John Smith of Bourne     North Shoes    Sandall, bakers     George Tory, candlemaker

Wind, fire and flood     Earthquake     Lightning     Snow     The storm of 1800

   Fire deaths and disasters     The Cliffe shop fire of 1898

The Meadowgate fire of 1922     The ambulance station fire of 1979

 A visit by Edward III      Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897

Other royal occasions down the ages     Princess Margaret's visit in 1997

The Duke of Edinburgh's visit in 2013

  Queen Elizabeth II     Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee in 2012  

The Silver Jubilee Queen     The wedding exhibition of 2011     VIP visits

A housewife at the Great Exhibition of 1851

The Lincoln Architectural Society meeting of 1861

The Grand Bazaar and Art Exhibition of 1888

The General Election of 1910     The Arts and Industrial Exhibition of 1911

The Bourne Flitch Trial of 1934     Down Your Way visits Bourne in 1971

The Lincolnshire Agricultural Show at Bourne in 1939

A Gift from Bourne     Killing the pig     The Emma Searson mystery

The stagecoach disaster of 1821

Policeman and gamekeeper     Lincolnshire Yellowbellies     Pat of the Red Barrows

Strange but true     More unusual occurrences from Bourne's history

When the circus came to town     The Everlasting Meat     Gossip     Wife selling


Law and order

Crime and punishment     Crime in Bourne in the early 19th century

More crime tales from past times     Swindlers and tricksters     Highway robbery

       Poaching     Horse stealing     Sheep stealing     Ran-tanning     Transportation

Absconders     Concealment of birth     Courts of justice     House of Correction    

The great escape that failed     The Bourne Association for the Prosecution of Felons

Murder - the case of William Alcock in 1732     Child cruelty - a shocking case from 1851

Attempted murder and suicide in 1876     The Hereward Street murder in 1941

Guy Fawkes Night celebrations in past times

The 1889 case of the 15 tramps     The Boer War peace celebrations of 1902

Hereward Labour Camp     Hereward Approved School

The Lincolnshire Doorstep Crime Initiative


Memories of yesteryear

  An Alien in the House

  A Boy's Tale

  Bourne revisited

  Cycling in Lincolnshire

  Fishing in Bourne

  Learning to swim

  Polly's Tea Shop

  Village Games

  A Visit to the Library

  Walking for enjoyment

  Watercress days

  When J F K was shot

  The workhouse children

The Market Place on fair day in 1900

      Memories of a Bourne childhood 1895-1908     A Lincolnshire childhood   

Fishing and Wishing     Memories of a country childhood     This wonderful life

The play's the thing     The river and two uncles     My dear old Dad

     A wartime dairymaid     Happy Days from 30 years ago     Henry's Cafe

Life at the Hereward Approved School 1947-1950     The tale of a teapot

Village cricket at Irnham     Life at The Croft - growing up in post-war Bourne

Memories of a railway childhood    Reminscences of Bourne as it was




Lincolnshire posy picture.

There are still many wild flowers to be found in the countryside around Bourne. 

A Lincolnshire posy

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